Zondi explains her escape at Omotoso’s house


Cheryl Zondi has explained to Port Elizabeth High Court as the first state witness and rape victim, how she escaped from Pastor Timothy Omotoso’s house in Durban.

She has been answering more questions by defence lawyer Advocate Peter Dauberman.

She decided to escape as she was tired of satisfying the Nigerian pastor, Zondi told the court.

It’s her third day of exhausting interrogation by defence lawyer Advocate Dauberman.

Zondi couldn’t hide her feelings anymore and continued being harassed and confronted by Omotoso, as she had enough of satisfying him sexually.

When she explained how she called her aunt who organised a cab for her, she broke down.

She threw her bag through a window, and later escaped from the mansion house while all were sleeping and got into the cab, leaving a lot of clothes behind.

Provincial chairperson of the ANC Women’s League in the Eastern Cape, Bukiwe Fanta, says they don’t like the way the victim is being interrogated.

She says: “I thank God I am sitting here and for this powerful young women who managed to break the ice and be strong. The line of questioning of the defence is terrible and its insensitive for a victim. It is secondary victimisation and it is out of line.”

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