Why Putin would want Trump to win in 2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin

It’s a familiar plotline: Top intelligence officials deliver a warning to lawmakers that Russia wants to interfere in the upcoming presidential election — and that the Kremlin’s preferred outcome is a win by President Donald Trump.

But Russiagate 2 may not be a straightforward sequel for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Why would Putin want to put his finger on the scales of American democracy again? For starters, it’s not clear that the Trump presidency has been a consistent foreign-policy win for Russia.
The Trump administration delivered lethal aid to Ukraine, which is locked in a proxy war with Russian-backed separatists. Washington is at odds with Moscow in a range of foreign-policy crises, from the conflict in Syria to political turmoil in Venezuela. And Trump withdrew the US from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, a move that drew condemnation from the Kremlin.