‘Where I live even 100 people cannot raise the money for one funeral’

Anthony Kalulu is a farmer in eastern Uganda, and founder of non-profit Uganda Community Farm (UCF) Photograph: Handout

Where I live, people are organised in clans. I belong to a clan where even 100 people, gathered together, can’t raise $100 (£75) to organise a funeral.I come from a family that couldn’t afford to pay tuition of $10 a term when I was a student two decades ago. Many of my young relatives are out of school now, because their parents can’t afford a full academic term of $15.

Others are even worse off. There are families I have spoken with who say they are unable to earn $2 a month as a family.There is no question that the UN global goals have stalled. And that’s bad news for people like me.I happen to be one of those people who are fixated on the end of extreme poverty, and – if things were to go to plan – the prospect of seeing the global goals come true by 2030.

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