Skinny Sbu just needs R5 million, not business advice


The South African 27-year-old  entrepreneur Sibusiso “Skinny Sbu” Ngwenya, who is the founder of premium sock brand Skinny Sbu Socks spoke to SABC about his challenges during a live interview on Wednesday afternoon, saying his business needs R5 million to take it to the next level.

During his interview on SA yesterday he said he needs money to grow his business not business advice.

During the interview when business advisors tries to advice him he rejected the advices, saying he won’t allow criticism from the advisors.

“Gents, can I say this. I cannot sit here and be criticised. The issue here is not marketing. You know what small businesses need? We need money.”

Ngwenya has asked the government to support starters with an environment.

“We need the government to create an environment for us, where we easily access money.”

He mentioned that he is involved in the design, marketing and distribution of the product, it becomes difficult to run every aspect of the business. Since his business has grown beyond his power.

He raised this question to the interviewee and other panelist, “Do you have a national brand? That you have been running for the past five years? That is being distributed to stores across the country. Do you have?”

Ngwenya “disappeared” earlier in 2018, and after got treatment for depression at a clinic.

Thursday afternoon, the interview started by checking on social media, with many blaming the non-success of Skinny Sbu Socks on Ngwenya’s luxurious lifestyle.

Others say his arrogance can discourage potential investors.

On Thursday afternoon, Skinny Sbu repeated his attitude of rejecting business advice on MetroFM, saying “I don’t need advice, ke nyaka zaka (I need money).”