School in rural KwaZulu-Natal has a set of twins in every grade


THE primary school looks pretty much like another in rural KwaZulu-Natal – a set of mobile classrooms amid the mud houses and kraals dotting the valleys of the mountainous area.

But Nqobani Primary School has something rather special about it. Every grade, from Grade R to Grade 7, has at least one pair of twins. In fact, among the 700 learners there are 21sets of twins. Little wonder the school has been dubbed eMaweleni, or the twin zone. What’s more, principal Nkosinathi Zondi points out, the school also has a set of triplets.


Staff only realised they were inundated with twins when one of the teachers told a colleague the twins in her class had been misbehaving, Nkosinathi says. “Then another teacher said she was also having a problem with the twins in her class, and then another mentioned she too had twins in her class.

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