Pravin Godhan lays criminal charges against Julius Malema


Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan went to the Brooklyn police station in Pretoria East  to lay three charges of criminal defamation, crimen injuria, incitement of violence  against EFF leader Julius Malema.

Last week, Malema launched a devastating attack on Gordhan outside the venue where the minister was testifying before the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture, when he called Gordhan “corrupt”, “a dog of white monopoly capital” and claimed Gordhan hated black people.

Malema also involved Gordhan’s daughter, Anisha, saying that they were allegedly awarded by National Treasury and other government departments due to her father’s influence.

Gordhan denied that his daughter did business with the State.

Malema continued his attack on the minister on Sunday when he says that he was guilty of double standards when it came to public review of his daughter.

Malema told those gathered at the Economic Freedom Fighters’ Manifesto Consultation Assembly in Pretoria that “When it’s an Indian daughter, it’s fine: Case closed. No need for a bank statement”.

Whereas he said when black African politicians family members are involved with government, a different grade was applied.

“If Pravin says: ‘Don’t involve my daughter’, [this is respected]… If I say don’t involve my cousin or mother, [he is told]: ‘No, you can’t say that, you are a public representative.'”