Nigerian authorities rename ‘village of idiots’ after years of mockery

File picture: Pexels

Johannesburg – A village in Kato state in northern Nigeria previously called the “area of idiots” has been renamed to “area of plenty”, to the jubilation of its residents.

The local emir announced the Hausa-language name change after residents complained that they had been mocked for years and were ashamed to tell people where they came from, the BBC reported.

“It was shameful telling people outside I come from Unguwar Wawaye but now I can proudly say I come from Yalwar Kadana,” villager Bala Sani told the BBC.”We thank the emir for this gesture.”

The village’s unusual former name dated back to about 70 years when people settled close to a river known as Idiotic River.It is not clear why the river has that name.