‘It’s not like we’re going to Dubai with a suitcase to fetch the Guptas’

ON A MISSION: Justice minister Ronald Lamola has confirmed there are moves afoot to set up the extradition of the Guptas

A special delegation from the justice department and the National Prosecuting Authority has been sent to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to argue for the finalisation of an extradition treaty for members of the Gupta family, justice minister Ronald Lamola has confirmed.

The Sunday Times reported that Lamola and his public service and administration counterpart, Senzo Mchunu, would lead the delegation in talks with the government of the UAE over the repatriation of the Guptas.Lamola and Mchunu will be joined by NPA head Shamila Batohi,  NPA  investigative directorate head Hermione Cronje,  Special Investigating Unit head Andy Mothibi, and Robert McBride in his capacity as acting head of the ethics unit in Mchunu’s department.

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