Eskom COO on ‘conveyor belt failures’ and reports of R1.8bn in bonuses

A conveyor belt failure at the coal-fired Medupi power station pushed the country into stage 2 load-shedding at the weekend.

Eskom COO Jan Oberholzer said on Monday that coal-handling facilities at Medupi power station would be modified to avoid future breakdowns that have contributed towards load-shedding.Medupi and Kusile are the country’s two new flagship coal-fired power stations.It was a “conveyor belt failure” at Medupi, on top of other plants being down, that thrust SA back into stage 2 load-shedding darkness at the weekend.

Asked why the new power plant was not performing up to scratch, having suffered three conveyor belt breakdowns in a matter of months, Oberholzer told Kieno Kammies on CapeTalk radio on Monday: “I will not say it has been shoddy work. This is the way the design has been done and this is the way it has been implemented.

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