Couple face charges after splurging R1.5m accidentally deposited into account


Pennsylvania – Imagine waking up one day to find an extra $120 000 (R1.8 million) in your bank account. You did not make $120 000 or win $120 000, but there it is, $120 000, just sitting there. Cool!What would you do with all that cash? Pay off the mountain of student loans you’d otherwise be stuck with till you die? Buy a house? Buy a car?

Maybe you should call the bank and find out what’s going on?Yeah. Yeah, you definitely should call the bank.Robert and Tiffany Williams of Montoursville, Pennsylvania, did not call the bank, police say.When a non-hypothetical $120 000 intended for a business was accidentally transferred into their BB&T bank account because of a teller error, the couple splurged on a camper, a Chevy and a racecar, state trooper Aaron Brown told the Williamsport Sun-Gazette. Authorities say they also distributed $15 000 (R228 000) to friends who needed the money.

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