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Couple calls wedding off after groom’s dad confesses bride is his daughter from his first marriage

I now pronounce you brother and sister; and no, you may never kiss the bride again!

In 2020, we can all agree that finding true love is quite a mission especially with having to keep up with ‘clout life’ — basically living by society’s sometimes impossible life standards.

Unfortunately, one Kenyan couple who were lucky enough to find true love had to cancel their wedding because they found out they are siblings.The story begins with the couple meeting in the streets where the man was selling shoes. A professional relationship developed and it soon evolved to a love affair which they planned to make official this year, through marriage.

Before tying the knot, the couple decided to consult with their loved ones and the groom-to-be introduced his partner to his family.

During the introductions, the father of the groom referred to his future daughter-in-law as ‘daughter’, causing confusion between the couple.

Then in a shock move, he confessed that he has a daughter he never told the family about from his previous marriage. Upon finding out that they are siblings, the couple was forced to call the wedding off.

Fortunately, the couple does not have children between them; however, they did have several sexual encounters. The couple belongs to the Kikuyu ethnic group, the largest in Kenya and upon consultation with the elders of the group, they found out that there won’t be a need for a cleansing ritual as they were not yet married.

The elders also advised couples planning to get married to first consult their families or do thorough research before settling down.

Commenting on Kameme TV, as cited by Ghana Celebrities, the couple shared their thoughts about the matter.

The would-be-bride said, “I cannot even fall in love with another person because I am scared he will also turn out to be my relative.”

The would-be-groom said, “After I took her for introduction to my parents, I was told my father had another wife, and we were thus brother and sister.”