British government forcefully removes 900 Chagossian families from islands

Image Chagossian coconut farmer just before the forced eviction

In the 1970s 900 Chagossian families from the Chagoss archipelago were forced off their islands by the British so that that the US could build its military bases. Many families where separated as they where either shipped off to Seychelles or Mauritius with no compensation.

They were left to fend for themselves in a place they had never been and knew very little of, not knowing whether they would return home or ever see their families and friends.
It was recorded within the first year that at least 26 families died in poverty,many suffered chronic depression and committed suicide, whilst young women had been forced into prostitution with no money or roof over their heads.

For the last 42 years or so the Chagossians have been denied the right of return to their ancestral homeland, lands which they have lived on for several generations. A crime rarely ever spoken about or even known of.

Can you imagine your entire people forced out of your own homeland and being denied the right to return, ever?

SOURCEPan-African Renaissance