An American spent R6 million to shoot a rare rhino in Namibia, and now he wants to take it home to the US

  • An American man killed a rare black rhinoceros at Mangetti National Park in Namibia in 2018.
  • He had agreed to pay $400,000 (R6 million)  to a Namibian government fund if he received a permit to take the skin, skull, and horns back to Michigan.
  • There are only about 5,500 remaining black rhinos in the wild, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature lists the animal as critically endangered.
  • Peyerk applied for the permit with the US Fish and Wildlife Service last year. If the permit is granted, it will be the sixth of its kind since 2013, and the third of its kind under the Trump administration.

An American man who agreed to pay $400,000 (R6 million) to kill a rare black rhinoceros while on a trophy hunt in Africa is hoping to take the animal’s remains back to his home in Michigan.

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